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Written by on February 23, 2018

Welcome to The Job Lab Podcast

In E000 we discuss the format of the show, what it seeks to achieve, and describe who the show is for.

Host Nick J. Murphy discusses the types of guests he’ll interview, their various expertise, and how their stories will inspire hard working professionals how to build lives and careers they love.

Below is a partial transcript of the Episode.

Welcome my friends to episode zero of the Job Lab Podcast, this is it and episode zero what is that? Right? What episode zero all about? This is a little bit of a unique episode in that it’s the only one where it is going to be just me talking. We are going to talk about what we are going to be doing here on the show, what is the Job Lab Podcast, why should you care, what’s in it for you, what can you expect, what’s the format of the show? I’m going to talk a little about my journey and answer the obvious question, “Hey if I’m going to listen to this guy and his guests that he brings on, why should I care about his opinion or his perspective?” Who are these guests going to be, etc., and then I’ll share several ways that you can get involved in the content and help to shape the direction of the show

The whole point of this [show] for me is to take people forward in their career journey. And that dives right into who this show is for, it doesn’t matter where you are in your journey. Everyone from new grads struggling to find their way, people who have been at their job for three or four years, maybe just out of school and go, this is not what I signed up for, this is not what I thought it was going to be or people who are super successful on paper and just feel like they have plateaued, they are just freaking board man– those re-entering the work force after time off, if you have been staying home raising your family, if you have been taking care of a loved one, if you been serving our country in the military and are just coming back, those are all perfect examples of someone that would make for an ideal listener.

The Job Lab Podcast is intended to be half tactical job search / career advancement, career coaching if you will, and the other half is more the soft skills. What’s the mind set you need to be successful? Why do some people seem to make it and others don’t? Why does ‘Sally’ get her way and ‘Betty’ doesn’t? It doesn’t necessarily come down to what’s on your resume, or what font your headline on your LinkedIn profile is in, or how great your picture on LinkedIn might be, or how your resume comes across through the applicant tracking system. A lot of it has to do with mindset, it has to do with soft skills, the art of negotiation, understanding the people around you in a business environment, understanding how people play together and how they’re all connected.

Format of the Show

Like I said this is the only one where you’re just going hear my voice and this is going to be a very short episode to give you kind of the context you need to go into this and really understand what it’s about and why you should care. So, every episode (or the vast majority of episodes at least) will be me interviewing a guest. A typical guest will be a decision maker or an expert in their field, and that field is in some way going to be related to success or career growth. There will always be an application for you to take what they are great at, and apply it in some way to your career plan.

Some of these guests are going to be the decision makers, the talent acquisition leaders, the people that hire and train the hiring managers, the people that screen those resumes, the people that make the ‘go’, ‘no go’ for launch decision on promotions. It’s really, really important, and a conversation that is really lacking in the market. There is a huge disconnect between how the game is actually played on the back end with companies and applicant tracking systems and politics inside organizations and bureaucracy and what’s actually spoken about in the open with job seekers and so, one of my core missions with this show is to bring that conversation to life. I am going to bring you those leaders. There going to give you their take. They will all provide a valuable and personal perspective and I think it will be important to take a variety of these perspectives and experiences and let you sort it out in your own mind based on your unique circumstance.

What The Job Lab Is Not

Let’s talk about what the show is not. I hate vanilla job content. If I see one more blog post or one more LinkedIn tangent about what to wear to the interview, or what color your tie should be when you dress for success, or whether you should use a Serif or Sans-Serif font on your resume, I am going to scream. It’s not about that. So this show is not going to talk about vanilla, boring, dumbed down job content. You are intelligent people and I think particularly for job search and career oriented conversations so much of it is dumbed down to a level where you could talk to a monkey and tell them that, ‘hey, you know, you might want to put a shirt on before you go for your job interview’. Really Sherlock, Thanks, appreciate that. What else? You know I got that part. I am an adult, I got this.

We are not going to talk about that kind of stuff. It is all going to be how to develop new skills, how to change your perspective or your context as you look at your career trajectory. We’ll talk several times about how to create better strategy and the mindset and skills and support you need along the way in order o be successful.

It’s all about getting what you want our of you career. We only live once. We spend an exorbitant amount of time away from our families, away from the things we might rather be doing and we will talk a lot about that as well… How to make sure you are living your passion. Because I firmly believe that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. And that is my aspirational, perhaps naive, hope for every single one of you, is that in some part to listening to this podcast as it evolves episode by episode, that something resinates with you. Something I say, a story, something one of our guests talks about, something one of you brings to the show and to the community because this really is designed to be your show.

About the Host

So I want to take about probably the most uncomfortable thing for me, which is talking about myself, but it’s important, right? It’s important if you are going to tune in to this podcast, if you are going to let me in to your life and into your ear buds or into your phone, into your car, your really need to understand my story and my perspective and a little bit about who I am.

Nick Murphy Podcast Host The Job Lab

It’s as vulnerable as I can be opening myself up with my whole story and all these things to the world, but you will hear through the story that I have been in the periphery, I guess, of the public eye from when I was an athlete and other things like that, but its completely different when you let someone in to your world view and into your experiences and into some of your most intimate and personal stories and I am just going to jump in.

My name is Nick J. Murphy. I am married with five kids, that’s right five. It’s a his, hers, ours situation but none the less there are five of the little guys, four boys and one girl. 10, 7… wait, 10, 9, 7, 4 and 2. If you are a parent of more that three kids sometime you have to do the math in your head to remember exactly how old they are. And my wife and I live in Omaha, Nebraska, and I also bounce back and forth between Scottsdale, Arizona and Omaha. She owns a dance studio and I like to joke with people that I have five kids and 311 stepkids!

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona when I was in middle school. It was one of the best things that every happened to me. I didn’t want to leave Missouri at the time but in hindsight it was one of the best things I was ever able to do. If I had stayed in St. Louis, I would have either played hockey or soccer in the fall during football season. To make a long story short, moving to Arizona where soccer was a winter sport and their was no high school hockey, got me into playing high school football, which turned into one year in junior college, which turned into a full ride scholarship to Arizona State, which turned into an NFL combine invitation, which turned into being an un-drafted rookie free agent, which turned into bouncing around the NFL signing seven contracts in four years, including twice in NFL Europe. I was able to live in Scotland and Barcelona while playing NFL Europe for the Vikings and the Eagles and also spend time with the Ravens and the Chiefs in the NFL.

But where the rubber meets the road for me in the context of this podcast is when I got done playing football. When I got done I was 26, right, that’s about an average career for an NFL player. So at 26 years old, I come back home, having never had an internship and I didn’t have a “real” job, outside of kicking an inflated piece of leather, which isn’t exactly a transferrable skill. So, I needed to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and I was transitioning into the real world. There is one story that I think you need to understand, that really sticks out for me. I was sitting in my condo in Phoenix, and I was applying for job on a Sunday afternoon and I wasn’t one of those people that would just apply to everything, but I found two or three jobs that I thought I was actually a legitimately good fit for and I was applying. After 40 minutes of careful data entry, I hit submit on the very first one and as switched between tabs to look for the next one.

Suddenly my email dings — “After careful consideration we have decided to go forward with a different candidate because you just don’t meet the qualifications..blah blah blah blah blah.” This was on a Sunday afternoon no more than two and a half, three minutes after submission, so I wasn’t buying the “after careful consideration” line. That was the punch in the face that I needed to realize how broken the process is, and it made me angry.

So, take all that as it is, I am not somebody who waits around very often. Patience is not one of my bigger virtues as you will come to learn, but I decided to do something about it. So, I was like this is dumb, there’s got to be a lot of people who meet the qualifications, you know the critical have to haves: Ie: I had a bachelors degree, I was legally allowed to work, you know I fit the… it was an entry level sales job, it wasn’t..you know I wasn’t applying to be a Physicians Assistant or something with no medical training or anything ridiculous. It was a job that I was actually qualified to do but I didn’t have the silly little requirements.

So, fast forward not very long, a few months or something and I decide with a buddy of mine to launch one of the worlds first video resume sites. Now granted, video resumes have never really taken off for a whole lot of reasons I can share with anyone that’s interested. But the idea wasn’t to transplant or to really completely disrupt an entire industry. Rather we sought to create a supplement that silly, little, white piece of paper that is supposed to truly represent everything we are and could be. And it just seemed ridiculous to me that that’s where we were.

So, we do that and while working on WorkBlast I learned a ton. We were abkle to pitch venture capital companies, I won a fast pitch competition, we raised over half a million dollars from friends and family, we were featured in a whole lot of publications, did a lot of interviews, talked to a ton of job seekers and college students, and younger people. They were struggling with the same kind of challenges. So, the take aways and the things that I learned from that experience was catapulted me into the next phase of my career and that was moving into sales and leadership positions at Career Builder, at Monster, and at Indeed.com. So, that is how I got to understand the job industry and I’ve had a unique perspective in that I have both sold to Fortune 500 companies as a sales person inside some of the biggest job sites in the world, I have also started two or three of my own, including WorkBlast, and I’ve also been that guy sitting there on a Sunday afternoon applying with great intentions and hope and just these feelings that if you have every been in that moment you can completely understand.

I bring all of this to you in Episode Zero so you understand that I have seen a lot of the things we are going to talk about, whether it is through athletics, whether it’s through entrepreneurship, whether it’s through the corporate path, whether it’s through being someone who came out at 26 as a college grad with basically no experience in anything but athletics and had to figure it out. I have been there and I have seen that and I have talked to a ton of people who have really impacted, not just my life, but I have seen them impact business, I’ve seen them impact industry, I’ve seen them impact and grow their teams and themselves into successful, wonderful, happy people. And so, more than anything that’s what I want to bring to you guys as we go through on the Job Lab Podcast.

One of the most important things in taking on this podcast is that I get to bring you cutting edge thought leadership and knowledge and just passion and brilliance from my guests. My hope is that you take something, just that one nugget of knowledge, because that’s really what were all after isn’t it? That one “Ah-ha!”, if I had just thought about it that way or had I just heard that,etc.

Nick’s Expectations for the Podcast

I really have an obligation to not waste any of your valuable time. Whether its 10 minutes on a drive from dropping you kids at school to the gym, or quickly when you walk around the office park at lunch and you throw on a podcast and you want to listen. No matter how fleeting it might seem, I take my obligation to provide value and bring you great content very, very, very seriously.

It’s really with that in mind that I want to remind and kind of end with this is your show. So if you have questions, if you have things that are pressing, I want you to email me or tweet us. We are on Twitter @The_Job_Lab or you can email me your feedback and questions.

I invite you to check out TheJobLab.com website. The site is going to continue to evolve and add features and really great resources and downloads and valuable things that I will reference on the show.

I’m excited to go on this journey with you, and I am grateful that you’re here and along for the ride.

You can Subscribe to The Job Lab on iTunes or by visiting this page if you’re not an Apple person. I’ll talk you next week on Episode 001 with Chris Dorris.

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