007 Use M.A.G.I.C. to Create a Personal Brand that Pops – Amy Slater

Written by on April 9, 2018

Crafting a compelling and powerful personal brand is critical to manifesting professional success. While a well-crafted resume is good at listing your experience and qualifications that tell employers the story of your work history, there’s a limit as to how well it can communicate the story of who are and what you can bring to the workplace. 

Amy Slater 007 The Job Lab PodcastAmy Slater is a VP of Inside Sales for cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks, with over 25 years of leadership and local sales experience and a passion for empowering people to get extraordinary results and boost revenue. She’s been named one of the Top 100 Sales Operations and Sales Enablement leaders, she’s also a published author and a frequent speaker at major leadership conferences around the country.

Amy is fascinated by the concept of personal branding, and in this episode she shares her own magic formula – the M.A.G.I.C. system – for creating, growing and enhancing your personal brand to get more of what you want out of your career.



(3:15) – Amy relates her time at Cisco and how her interest in personal branding began.

(5:10) – The mistake of viewing brand as something outside of oneself, and some of Amy’s tips.

(7:20) – Inheriting a brand as an incoming leader and ways you can authentically bring it into the future.

(9:20) – Using your personal brand to compensate for the on-paper qualifications you may lack.

(13:15) – Amy breaks down her M.A.G.I.C. system of building a personal brand.

(14:40) – M(essage): what kind of story is your work history and job performance telling?

(19:05) – A(uthenticity): establishing trust by living the image you want to project.

(21:10) – G(row your network): expanding your name and reputation outside of your immediate bubble.

(23:45) – I(mpressions): how will people feel about you the moment you step out of the room?

(26:00) – C(onsistency): sticking to your brand in every area of life and leading by example.

(28:50) – Are you networking passively or actively? How do you make a better impression on those you want to connect with?

(34:00) – Some of the lasting effects Amy is benefiting from thanks to her personal brand.


“Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room.”

“A brand isn’t what we think it is; it’s what everybody else thinks it is.”

“If you’re not pulling out the good, you may as well just kiss that goodbye.”

“The more and more I get on in my career, I realize it’s about who you are, not so much what you’ve done.”

“If you’re looking for a job, if you’re looking for anything, tell somebody!”



The M.A.G.I.C. Formula – https://www.thejoblab.com/e7download

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