David Schwendiman is an international business coach who works with both organizations and individuals, helping to empower them and build the careers that they previously only dreamed of. He knows that there are right and wrong ways to pursue a side-hustle and is happy to dispense with some tips so you can take up your […]

They say that victory lies in preparation, be it planning, acquiring the necessary skills and connections, or having the right resources. But even the most methodical planners might lack the certainty that they can accomplish what they’ve set out to do. This confidence may be the surest sign that everything is in its right place […]

Laura Rupp is a career advisor based in Cincinnati who runs a consulting firm aimed at high school students and recent graduates. A former philosophy major and lifelong seeker of answers, she believes everyone has a chance at success as long as they understand themselves and know what they want to achieve. She knows that […]

Nick was approaching the end of the writing process for his upcoming book, Unboxed, when sickness walloped his family. In his struggle to balance writing, his company and this podcast with tending to his family’s needs, he realized the measures you’ll need to keep on track if life throws you a curveball when you least […]

Josh McLean is a financial analyst and continual learner who lives with his family in Portland, OR and finds energy and drive through self-improvement. Success and stability have not always been a staple of Josh’s life, having struggled with anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency, and even a brain injury in the previous two decades. But […]

We have a lot to be thankful for. If you’re going to step back and take stock of what you have in life and how you can make the most of it, there isn’t a better time of year to do it than today, Thanksgiving! Before you dig into what is hopefully a splendid feast, […]

Ryan Rhoten uses digital marketing strategies to help business professionals develop their own brands. He is the author of CareerKred: 4 Simple Steps to Build Your Digital Brand and Boost Credibility in Your Career, as well as the host of the BRAND New You and CareerTech podcasts, the latter of which explores how technology is […]

Time is a tricky thing. We know time is always passing and that we only have so much of it, yet society, culture and even our media tell us that we need to wait for JUST the right time for the big changes and turning points in our lives. But this way of thinking leads […]

Alicia Johnson should have a PhD in creating fulfillment from hardship! Today, she is a counselor working with those who want to conquer their greatest fears and take charge of the purpose laid out before them. Having faced immense hardship throughout her life, Alicia and her husband Steve now helps others understand and move beyond their […]

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to reverse engineer a life on your terms, you’ll be thrilled to meet Shinjini Das, the founder and CEO of The Das Media Group, where she aims to close the gap between intellect and pop culture in the media by empowering others who want to grab the brass […]

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