016 Overcoming Gaps in Your Resume, #MeToo, and More – Jenni Pfaff

Written by on June 11, 2018

Employers tend not to look too kindly on lengthy gaps in your resume, which are oftentimes common for parents who have gone on extended parental leave. How can women, or any primary parent, continue to stay marketable, keep up with industry trends and even grow their professional skill set all while working inside the home doing the most important job on earth?

Jenni Pfaff is an accomplished human capital advisor and executive coach with more than 17 years of experience. Her thoughtful and progressive hands-on approach develops effective solutions that drive her clients’ goals. She has spent time in her career as a senior human capital leader with PWC, Activision Blizzard and Northrop Grumman. She loves helping people find their passion, whether that be advancing in their organization or balancing work and family life.

In this episode, Jenni discusses how the #MeToo movement is impacting both women and men in the workplace, how to overcome long gaps in your employment, and so much more.


(2:32) – The biggest challenges women in particular face when they find themselves out of the job market for longer than the usual 6-8 week maternity period

(4:31) – The most common reasons returning employees are told “No”

(5:51) – Jenni’s “three buckets” to stay marketable and engaged during an extended period of time off

(8:47) – Other ways to stay relevant and involved during your time off, and why the standard work day is changing

(13:20) – Leveraging your connections to craft a narrative that puts you in a marketable light after time away

(18:30) – What should you disclose and not disclose in a cover letter after a period of extended leave?

(20:42) – Dealing with the fear of losing a job or being unable to find new one when crafting a job search strategy

(23:53) – Senator Tammy Duckworth bringing her baby to Congress and what that says about the ability of women to multitask parenting and work

(25:27) – What advice Jenni would give to both women and men in work environments during the age of #MeToo

(31:38) – Listener Question: Samantha from Utah asks how to get in front of job decision-makers after an extended period of time off


“You have to find a coach or a mentor who can pick you back up when a prospective employer tells you no.”

“We spend time second-guessing rather than just being confident in what we decide to do and being present.”

“The old school mode of being in an office from 8-6, it’s just not working for people anymore, especially for people who want balance and to have a career that’s very fruitful.”

“I think we are slowly breaking through the barrier. I think there’s more open-mindedness from employers, but we still have a long ways to go.”

“Being home for a few years with your family should really be irrelevant in a job interview.”

“I think the more you share, and the more honest and transparent, the better.”

“If they’re hiring high-performing talent, companies should trust their employees that they can get their job done regardless of the time of day, regardless of work location.”

“I want to be a kickass mom and continue to grow in my career.”

“I think success is being able to find my own balance in my life and also really help people navigate their own careers.”

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